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How Self-Hypnosis Can Help You Get Unstuck

As a hypnotherapist, I help people live a better life. I give people advice every day – advice that makes a difference. But that said, self-improvement can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to change a number of things at once and you’re not sure where to start. If you’re stuck in a rut, and would like to discover a powerful self-hypnosis practice that streamlines your focus so you can make the right kind of changes to your life, check out the steps below.

The Domino Effect

Just how knocking over the first domino in the row causes all the other pieces to fall down, the same idea can be applied to self-improvement. It works similar to the idea of a tipping point.

In other words, fixing that one big thing in your life often causes everything else to come back into balance. This is an amazing method for self-improvement, because it allows you to choose one big thing to work on.

Fixing that one big thing, rebalances everything else, similar to pushing over that first domino. The only thing you have to do is to pick that one big thing.

If nothing comes to mind, let me give you a few examples. Let’s say for instance that you are having trouble in your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, because relationship problems can cause problems in every other area of your life as emotionally, they really suck you in.

It’s really hard to focus on other things when your personal life is completely out of whack. The same thing can happen if you have a health crisis because you can’t function normally when your health is challenged.

So at this point you must be asking yourself what the fix is? Well, the good new is, it’s easier than you might think!

The Wish List

The wish list is a really cool technique to try. If you haven’t created one in a while, now would be a great time to start. You might recall doing this as a kid, when asked what you wanted for Christmas.

As an adult, the concept of a wish list is still important because you can keep a running tally of those things in your life that you would like to work on at any given time.

Over time, you can re-examine your wish list and cross off things you have accomplished. As you look at your wish list, you might see issues that keep reappearing. In other words, you might have one issue that seems to be at the top of the list, no matter what you do. Fix this one issue, and everything else will begin to fall into place.

If you don’t have one big issue, you can simply choose the issue that is the most pressing at the time.

The Life Bio

Creating your life bio is a fun process. You can start by writing the story of your life from your earliest memory. Let your stream of consciousness flow as you write. This process might take as little as 45 minutes or as long as several days.

Once you are finished writing your life bio, you can then go back through it paragraph by paragraph asking your unconscious mind if there is something within that timeline that needs to be fixed. You can also use a pendulum to speak with your unconscious mind.

This process will allow you to pinpoint an area or a time in your life that needs to be addressed. When you finish, you may end up with several areas that need to be cleaned up, and that’s OK. You can either pick one at random or once again ask your unconscious which one needs to be fixed first.

Hypnotic Questions And Deep Thought

The next step in this process involves hypnotic questioning or deep thought. These might also be called affirmations. Simply get yourself into a quiet state of mind and then ask yourself:

–What should I work through next?

–What issue is the most pressing?

–What issue, if fixed, would act as a tipping point, clearing everything else up?

Simply focus on these questions, or questions similar to this, and notice whatever comes into the forefront of your mind. Whatever comes into your mind is the issue you should probably work on.

The Perfect Life Visualization

Everyone talks about what their perfect life would involve. You have probably thought about this a lot over the years. You might envision yourself living in your perfect home, driving your perfect car or even running your perfect business.

You can also use the process of emotional streaming to help you get into the feelings this perfect life brings you. You can even create a statement or affirmation that you repeat in your visualization that reiterates this “perfect life.”

Your statement may read something like this:

“I am successful, rich and happy. I have love in my life and wonderful friendships. I am doing great work and I am a genuine force for good in the world. I use the power of self-hypnosis to achieve all of these amazing things. I feel fantastic knowing this is an easy and natural process. Every day in every way, my life is getting better and better.”

Your statement should make you feel fantastic. It should create a sense of enthusiasm and motivation as well. Simply put yourself into self-hypnosis and let your mind drift. Most of all have faith that your unconscious mind is working on building this abundant and amazing life.

When you use these four strategies, you’ll have the tools to get out of any rut and achieve those goals that have been locked away in your mind.

Just bear in mind, you should always remember to commit to a 21-day cycle with any kind of self-improvement. Change happens gradually over time, so the best plan is a plan that is well thought out and executed slowly over time.


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