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Stress Relief Hypnosis Can Radically Improve Your Day – And Your Life

If you can't think straight, how are you going to even begin to fix things? Stress relief hypnotherapy is a liberating and empowering experience which restores a sense of control and equip you to deal more pragmatically with the sources of stress you may encounter. As little as twenty minutes a day of deep relaxation, no matter what is going on in your life, will make you feel so much better that you won't know yourself. It will completely transform your powers of resilience and problem solving by helping you reframe your own perspectives in a beneficial way.

Hypnotherapy Los Angeles Brice Le Roux Benefits Deep Breathing

Whether it’s due to a real or an imagined threat, stress will make your body produce adrenaline. Adrenaline gears the body into action by increasing heart rate and the production of sweat. The stress response also switches off any systems in your body which are not essential for short term, immediate survival. This means that digestion, sex drive and the immune system, which are all to do with long term survival, get put on hold while the stress response is operating. If the stress response persists for a long time – that is, if we feel stressed day after day without let up – then digestion and immune function and even sex drive can be suppressed long term. This is why people become physically affected by stress.

Continuously raised levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone, can make someone physically ill – causing stomach problems, immune system failure, and the inability to think rationally. So the adaptive ‘switching off’ of non-essential functions which is necessary during a short term survival crisis becomes maladaptive if these functions are suppressed over the long term. The antidote to this, of course, is rest and relaxation. If you lead a busy life, then taking regular time out to relax will actually give you more time to be productive. Relaxation and rest is a priority for you.

The best way to deal with stress is to allow yourself to relax so that your body can begin to repair itself. And as you practice relaxation on a regular basis, you will notice how you can begin to see things more clearly and have a calmer approach to life. And you will notice that your sleep will begin to improve, making you feel refreshed during the day and rested during the night. Your immune function will be more effective and you’ll find it easier to think clearly and remember facts much better.

It is also a good idea to reduce the intake of stimulants such as coffee, to eat well and at regular times, and to do an appropriate amount of regular exercise.

And as well as balancing these factors, you need to develop the mental skills which will allow you to feel calmer and more in control when you most need to. That’s what hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety is all about. Helping you to relax now so that you are able to let go completely of any stress and begin to approach life in a calmer and more effective way.

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