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NEW | Ten Daily Routines Overachieving People All Have


If success is usually pretty noisy, the actual process of achieving it, on the other hand, is way more discreet. But it’s this process that happens behind the scenes that makes all the difference. Regardless of their skills, overachievers share many of the same systematic daily routines. Here are ten things they all do and repeat daily and quietly.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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How The Most Famous Athletes Use Sports Hypnosis


Serious athletes are often determined to find anything that will give them an edge over their competition, as well as help them perform optimally. Regardless of their sport, many of them have worked with highly trained hypnotherapists to achieve significant gains in their personal performance, and here's why.

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Time(line) For a Change


Why is it so hard to change? Quit smoking, overcome stress, stop negative thinking... Who hasn't tried and used their will power to change an old habit into a new, more beneficial one? We all have, multiple times. And sometimes it worked, at least for a while, until we eventually revert to the same exact behavior, over and over again.

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With the Right Method, Quitting Smoking Can Be Easy


No matter how long you’ve been smoking, you CAN stop smoking without anxiety, irritability or cravings. As long as you have a desire to stop, therapeutic hypnosis can help you break the addiction cycle and end the dependency mechanism without gaining weight or wearing any uncomfortable needles or patches.

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Your Path To More Motivation


Many people arrive at the Hypnotherapist’s office wanting to achieve more success, fulfillment in a career, a relationship and no matter how hard they’ve tried, it seems next to impossible. Through hypnosis, we can bring the subconscious mind on board for a new level of success by creating a new belief system.

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Being Out Of Your Comfort Zone May Be Good For Your Game


Say you’ve never broken 80, and you usually shoot around 83. But one glorious morning, you start your round with three consecutive birdies. You’re feeling pretty good. At the turn, there’s a 36 penciled next to your initials. You think ahead—not just to breaking 80, but possibly to shooting in the low 70s. You feel excited and probably a little nervous...

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Golf: How Visualizing The Positive Can Change Your Game


Legendary golfer Ben Hogan used to say when he was playing at his best that he could often see his next shot completed before he ever started the club moving forward. Golf psychologist Al Smith said what Hogan was describing is a simple case of self-hypnosis and visualization.

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The Power of Positive or How to Focus on What You Want


If you were on a tightrope and I kept hammering into your head the words, "Don't fall. Don't trip off the rope", what do you think would happen? Now if I were to tell you, in the same situation, "Focus on putting one foot in front of the other carefully. Focus on staying on the rope as you move forward." How does that feel now?

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Overcoming Procrastination - What Are You Waiting For?


 We all do it. Putting off this medical exam, not paying that bill, not returning an important phone call... Until it becomes embarrassing, then costly, and then damaging to our life. Beating procrastination can literally lead to a whole new life – all it takes is a desire to change, a decision to act, and a little help from our subconscious mind. 

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Using Hypnosis To Be Better At Business


Overachievers use many tools and rituals to stay focused and get ahead. Winston Churchill worked from his bed each morning, and President Harry Truman would down a shot of bourbon each morning before his days toiling in the oval office. But some leaders follow slightly more mysterious regimens to hone their psychological prowess.

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Beat Your Golf Putting Yips


The new buzz word going around the subject of sports performance studies recently is "yips". Usually spoken as "the yips", this often crippling condition is affecting amateurs to seasoned pros, and more and more athletes are complaining about it. If you have the yips, is there anything you can do about it?

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Sports Performance Hypnosis


What do Tiger Woods and Wayne Gretzky have in common? Both men have used hypnosis to successfully increase their sports performance. Even if you are not training for the Olympics or competing as a professional athlete, sports hypnosis can help you attain significantly higher levels of performance in whatever sport you play.

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