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The Power of Positive Thinking or How to Focus on What We Want

If you were on a tightrope and I kept hammering into your head the words, "Don't fall. Don't trip off the rope", what do you think would happen? You would be so focused on falling and tripping that it's probably what you would do. You would not be paying attention to the rope, at all. Now if I were to tell you, in the same situation, "Focus on putting one foot in front of the other carefully. Focus on staying on the rope as you move forward." How does that feel now?

It is an accepted fact that we can make ourselves sick with our only thoughts and words. Or make ourselves well, in the same way. One can choose to speak in terms of what you don't want or what you do want. You can look for and point out the negatives in any situation, or look for the positives.


Can you imagine how much happier you would feel and how much more successful you would be in any endeavor, if you were able to change that negative loop of thinking from: "What if it doesn't work?" into "What if it does?"


Imagine you are under a constant barrage in your mind of negative dialogue, looping over and over, all day long. Each time you have a thought, or emotion, it causes a chemical reaction in your brain that washes over your entire body. Your brain has nowhere else to put the emotion into, other than your body. Think for a moment about the effects of such a "chemical bath", literally hundreds of times a day on your cells. Are you keeping yourself healthy, or making yourself ill?


When we experience the constant production of a particular chemical in our bodies, we can actually become addicted to it—for the good or bad. Thus, when we are used to dealing with life under stress and drama, we begin to feed off of that "high," often searching it out in any given situation.


Your subconscious beliefs and attitudes are responsible for this. And how you develop those views about yourself and the world are often a direct result of your past experiences. Did you grow up in a dysfunctional, stressed-out household? As a matter of survival, did you need to learn how to cope early on with high stress, tension and negativity?


If so, as you began creating your subconscious life script between the age of 0 and 9, you were already developing the addiction to a negative outlook, or what I like to call, "comfortable and familiar, but not necessarily healthy". As with any habit, your subconscious mind prepared you for an adult world of negativity.


Many people have no idea how to cope with calm. They don't know how to function in a positive environment, simply because they've never experienced it before. On a subconscious and physical level, calm and positivity are uncomfortable and unfamiliar to them, even though those same people consciously understand that they would be beneficial to them.


Positive reprogramming


Because their subconscious beliefs and expectations do not match their conscious ones, most people may not be able to effect positive changes on their own. That's why we need to go back and reprogram their subconscious patterns to create a more positive way of seeing the world; to create different expectations of how life can be; to enhance the desire for a new reference of "comfortable and familiar" and to let go of their limiting beliefs about themselves.


All of this is done through therapeutic hypnosis. Only in this totally relaxed state are we are able to be in direct contact with the subconscious mind and input tailored suggestions for positive change into it. 


With therapeutic hypnosis, you can learn to subconsciously reframe any situation or thought into a positive statement, bathing yourself in a healthy chemistry, and by doing so, create a new addiction to a positive perception. 


Most of my clients use hypnotherapy to release their minds of the negative associations that are preventing them from reaching their goals. They have realized the power of therapeutic hypnosis to help identify and remove the limiting beliefs that prevented them from creating lasting positive changes in their lives.


Now, imagine what YOU could change, starting today, if you truly want it and believe you can do it!

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