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What do Tiger Woods and Wayne Gretzky have in common? Both men have used hypnosis to successfully increase their sports performance. A 2000 study conducted at the Sheffield Hallam University showed how Sports Hypnosis aided the performance of five golfers. The study compared the average putting score of the golfers prior to having hypnosis and following hypnosis. The results showed that the average putting score of the golfers consistently increased following hypnosis. The golfers also reported feeling less anxious about how they would perform and more confident in their putting abilities.

Professional Hypnosis For Sports Performance

How well you play or compete has everything to do with the associations and automatic responses that are stored in your subconscious mind. The moment you go to hit, throw a ball, or run, your mind — without rationalizing — responds with whatever pattern it holds. Through sports hypnosis and guided imagery, we can train your subconscious mind to automatically perform like a pro because succeeding in any sport is not just about a specific movement but most of all about your mindset. It is by training the subconscious mind that the well-trained athlete enters what is often referred to as "the zone" — that peak area of performance in which all movements flow without conscious thought.


Removing Blocks


Just as positive associations can be formed in the subconscious mind, so can negative ones. For example, a football quarterback may have been unable to advance more than ten yards in the rain during a spectacularly bad game. This quarterback might thereafter subconsciously associate rain with playing poorly. Negative associations such as this make it harder for the athlete to find that perfect place where mind and body become one, and their performance ultimately suffers. Negative associations such as this make it hard for the athlete to perform because the mind subconsciously wants to continuously go back to that previous negative – but familiar, hence reassuring – pattern. This often leads to anxiety as the athlete stops believing in himself and starts anticipating the worst. Sports Hypnosis can reveal all those hidden associations that have been holding you back and break them by tapping into the powerful subconscious.


Mastering The Mental Game


Creating new positive associations and patterns is important in enabling reliable and lasting performance. With Sports Hypnosis and guided imagery, we can condition your mind to enter "the zone" when playing. By mentally rehearsing your performance under hypnosis, you can lastingly input motivation and self-confidence into your game. Science has shown that when a person mentally rehearses playing a sport, the body areas used in that sport receive electrical signals. This shows that the mind truly does affect the body. In many ways, the mind is like a muscle: the more you exercise it, the stronger it will become. 


An interesting experiment has validated this fact. An experimenter randomly divided a large group of men into three smaller groups. One group practiced shooting free-throws into a basketball hoop for several weeks, the second group visualized shooting free-throws but did not actually practice, the third group didn't practice or visualize. Not surprisingly, the last group made no improvement; in fact, they got worse. The group who practiced actual free-throws for several weeks improved the greatest, but only slightly better than the group who just visualized shooting free-throws. In other words, what we script or imagine becomes automated by the subconscious mind. 


Even if you are not training for the Olympics or competing as a professional athlete, Sports Hypnosis can help you attain higher levels of performance in whatever sport you play. And like many of my clients, you may find your performance improving much more than you thought possible.

Founded by Los Angeles based Board Certified Hypnotherapist & Mental Coach Brice Le Roux, The Change Method offers a powerful combination of therapeutic hypnosis and state-of-the-art coaching techniques to help you achieve your highest level of excellence.

Without a doubt, it is the mind that determines the outcome of our performance and behavior. Working with me, you will benefit from multiple psychological principles and cutting edge mental techniques specifically tailored for you and your sport.


In-person office sessions are available Monday-Saturday 9am to 8pm. I also do numerous hypnosis sessions for athletes worldwide by Skype with great success.


I normally take my athletes through a 5 to 10 session protocol. In that process, most importantly, we clear all of the mental baggage that interferes with achieving peak performance: useless limiting beliefs, faulty programs, old hurts/injuries, etc.


In addition, the athlete learns: intention, self-empowerment, thought control, emotional mastery, self-hypnosis, and how to increase self-confidence. Those skills develop mental toughness and lead athletes to the gateway of "the zone". 


When we are through, the athlete is able to keep him/herself clear, continue to build confidence with these tools and apply it all to other areas of life. I am most proud that this training helps a lot of young athletes build solid life skills through sport.


Call 424-645-7517 or send an email to arrange an appointment time.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



  • Tiger Woods has been using self-hypnosis since the age of 13.

  • Golfer Jack Nicklaus gave full credit to hypnosis for his record wins. He consistently said that 90% of winning was mental.




Coach Phil Jackson, who has coached some of the greatest players in basketball, started using sports hypnosis and mental imagery with the Chicago Bulls in the 90's, and used it also with the Los Angeles Lakers. With his guidance, the Bulls won 6 NBA Championships and the Lakers, 3 in a row. He has coached Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal.




  • Tennis champion Jimmy Connors used sports hypnosis prior to winning the US Open Championship.

  • Andre Agassi used sports hypnotherapy throughout his whole career.




  • Boxer Kevin McBride who beat Tyson said that he did it with the use of sports hypnosis.

  • ​Ken Norton defeated Muhammed Ali by using sports hypnotherapy. Not long after, Muhammed Ali started using it himself.




After consulting a hypnoterapist in 1984, Mary Lou Retton became the first American woman to win a gold medal in gymnastics at the Olympics.


Olympic Competitions


The Soviet Union Olympic team of 1956 had a team of hypnotherapists travel with them. That year, they won the most medals of any nation.




  • Hypnotherapy worked so well for Rod Carew that it gave him the best season of his entire career. He won the MVP award the year he started using sports hypnosis.

  • ​Bill Buckner of the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers also used sports hypnosis.


Track and Field


In 1964, after being pushed by another runner, Billy Mills made his way forward and won gold in the 10,000 meters at the Olympics. He credits his self-hypnosis visualization techniques for the win.




NHL Hockey players Kevin Weekes and center Brad Richards have both used hypnosis to stay calm and focused.


Body Building


​Every wrestler that I have ever met uses imagery to mold their body into a piece of art.


Sports Hypnosis can also help you in:


  • Wrestling

  • ​Ironman Triathlon

  • ​Football

  • ​​Soccer

  • ​Tennis

  • ​Martial Arts

  • ​​Cycling

  • ​Bowling

  • ​Extreme Sports​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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