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Founded by Los Angeles Board Certified Hypnotherapist Brice Le Roux, The Change Method offers a powerful combination of personal coaching backed up with state-of-the-art hypnosis techniques to help you boost your motivation and success.

Your Path To More Motivation

Many people arrive at my office wanting to achieve more success, more money, fulfillment in a career, a house, a relationship and no matter how hard they’ve tried, it seems next to impossible. They may have a subconscious desire to stay exactly where they are not too successful, not enough money, no career, house, or perhaps no relationship. Through hypnosis, we can bring the subconscious mind on board for a new level of success by creating a new belief system.

What is a belief?


How do we get them? It happens simply, through information that we take in, through our suggestibility, and this information creates a thought. A thought that we think often enough eventually becomes habitual and therefore more lodged in our subconscious where it has now become something that we absolutely believe. Through hypnosis, it is possible to release or diminish old beliefs and create new ones. The creation of new neural pathways can occur through hypnotherapy and be supported by positive reinforcement tools like the The Mental Bank.


Get comfortable with the new belief system


Through subconscious imaging in the comfort and security of the hypnotic state, we become associated to making the unknown more known to ourselves. So, in conscious awake life, when we attempt the new behaviors or respond in new emotional ways, we are more comfortable and able to embrace “the new” easily and effortlessly. We have become more motivated to allow success of the desired nature. We have, in effect, mentally “rehearsed” it, so that it is known to us, and not scary or painful. This is due, primarily, to connecting with the subconscious mind, which works on expectation and imagination. It does not know the difference between fact and fantasy.


Increasing desire and motivation


Sometimes we become complacent, yet we yearn for more. Somewhere we know inside we could become more than we seem to be allowing, but we just keep the status quo. Sometimes inertia sets in. Or, sometimes, it is downright fear of taking the next step, (“it’s so good now, what if the other shoe drops?”) going to the next level seems daunting. Yet, through therapeutic hypnosis with positive reinforcement tools, stronger desire and motivation can be built up. Changing the “inner landscape” in an associated comfort state allows for comfortable positive changes in the “outer landscape” of consciousness. 


How hypnotherapy can create positive associations in our subconscious mind is fascinating. Most of my clients use hypnotherapy to release their minds of the negative associations and limiting beliefs that are preventing them from reaching their goals, whether it's quitting tobacco, building their careers, developing greater self-confidence, cutting down on snacks, or taking their sports performance to the next level. Now, think about what YOU could change, starting today, if you truly want it!​​​​​​​​​

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