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Hypnosis: What Does It Feel Like?

Many people wonder what does a therapeutic hypnosis session feel like. My answer is: it really depends on who you ask. But however you experience your session, you will find that hypnosis in a therapeutic form is a safe, natural and uniquely soothing experience.

I’ve heard many clients refer to hypnotherapy as a "mental massage". For some people, hypnosis is so blissfully relaxing that they feel like their body completely lets go of everything. Some people might even feel as though they're floating. I’ve had it happened where a client asked me at the end of their session, “So you were rocking the chair the whole time?” And I had to explain that, "No, I’ve been sitting here at my desk the whole time".

You are always in control

You're told everything that is going on during a session and each step of the process is explained as we go, so that that you can totally let go, relax and allow your mind to really absorb the suggestions.

After you’ve been hypnotized the first time, you’ll notice that it’s even faster and easier to go in because the moment we start, your mind automatically and effortlessly thinks, “Oh yes, I see where’s he’s going with this”, and just goes with it.

Not only is hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy a very relaxing experience. It is also an empowering one as you start seeing changes take place in your life. There’s nothing like knowing that you are taking control of your life and that you are doing it on your terms.

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