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Time For A Change With Therapeutic Hypnosis

Why is it so hard to change? We all know it: it is one thing to want to change, and another to actually act on it. Quit smoking, overcome stress, stop negative thinking... Who hasn't tried and used their willpower to change an old habit into a new, more beneficial one? We all have, multiple times. And sometimes it worked, at least for a while, until we eventually revert to the same exact behavior, over and over again.

Familiar VS. Beneficial

Even if it's not beneficial to us any more, this programming inherited from our past makes up a familiar comfort zone for the subconscious mind, which will have a tendency to block any new behavior or belief pattern that is not associated to a past experience. This subconscious program that drives all of our behavioral system is intended to keep us on a steady track, safe from the unknown. Its position is, "better to deal with a negative familiar known than with a potentially positive unknown."

Therapeutic hypnosis and positive reprogramming

If we want to make any lasting change in our life, we need to provide new associations to our subconscious mind and make sure they don't get blocked in the process. This is exactly what therapeutic hypnosis is about: how to unlearn an undesired behavior and replace it with a positive, desired one. Therapeutic hypnosis gets our subconscious mind to be available to accept those new associations that are in line with what we know is in our best interest. Only then can the old programming begin to change.

To implement a positive change, we have to internalize it. Not only reach for it. "Want" or "desire" something is not enough: for our subconscious mind, they both mean "I don't have it", "unfamiliar", or "unknown". And unless we really take action and turn this something into a "known" and make it part of our program, it will always keep it away from us.

Therapeutic hypnosis is a wonderful tool to internalize new behaviors that are aligned with creating our highest quality of life. This is something the mind is well equipped to do, even though most of us have not been taught how to do it.

How does it work?

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and vivid imagination: if we can make you feel and experience the effects of any positive change as if they were already happening to you, your subconscious mind will gradually think of this as a "known", and by so will start to automate it. How we do this is by using specific suggestions that help reprogram your subconscious patterns and implement a new automatic behavior in line with your goals.

Most of my clients use hypnotherapy to release their minds of the negative associations and limiting beliefs that are preventing them from reaching their goals, whether it's quitting tobacco, building their careers, developing greater self-confidence, cutting down on snacks, or taking their sports performance to the next level. Now, think about what YOU could change, starting today, if you truly want it!​​​​​​​​​

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