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Ten Questions To Ask Any Hypnotherapist Before You Work With Them

Hypnotherapy is a leading edge treatment endorsed by the American Medical Association. Long gone are the days where hypnosis was perceived about turning you into a chicken or getting you to run around thinking you are Tarzan King of the jungle.

These days hypnosis is recognized as one of the most effective tools in helping you to lose weight, increase confidence, overcome phobias and reduce anxiety. However, the US market is now flooded with hundreds of hypnotherapists claiming that they can support you to achieve your goal. Do an internet search and you can be forgiven for being totally confused about who is likely to really help you get what you want. In helping you draw up a shortlist, I recommend you put the following ten questions to those hypnotherapists you decide to contact. 1. What professional training have you attended? A competent hypnotherapist will have attended a comprehensive training. Ask them where they trained and check it out on the net. Failure to attend a good training will probably mean their knowledge and skill set is limited. 2. Do you have insurance? A hypnotherapist should have insurance. Amongst other things it shows that they take their work seriously and are probably ethical in practice. It also gives you peace of mind. 3. Can you give me some evidence that you have worked with my condition and got a result? If the answer is 'no' then you are probably well advised to move on and talk to another. That said however, if the Hypnotherapist is honest and explains it is a condition that they have not worked with before, but explain confidently how they may be able to help you, then do keep an open mind and probe further. 4. Where do you practice and what is the room like? A good Hypnotherapist will have a professional consulting room. If they mention that they see clients in the garage or in the shed, then I personally would not work with them. 5. Why are you the right person to treat my condition? You want to be confident that the hypnotherapist has the necessary competence to treat your condition. A good hypnotherapist will explain to you in practical terms how they will support you to achieve your goal. If they spout theory then I would be suspicious because they may have just swallowed the text book and not done anything with it. 6. What is unique about the way you treat clients? As well as offering you face to face sessions, listen out for any extras you will receive. This may include audio recordings of your sessions, and email or text support between sessions. The best hypnotherapists will work hard at ensuring your treatment plan is comprehensive. 7. Do you suffer with my condition? If the hypnotherapist also suffers from your condition then I would not work with them. For example, if you are wanting to visit a Hypnotherapist to stop smoking but they smoke, then you may smell the tobacco on their breath when you meet them. Common sense then tells you it is less likely to be successful. 8. What is the one reason I would not work with you? Don't be afraid to ask this question. A good hypnotherapist will be comfortable in their own skin to answer this question calmly. Listen to their answer and if it motivates you to move on and check out another hypnotherapist then do so. 9. How do you ensure the hypnotherapy is tailored to me? It is important your hypnosis is tailored to your needs. If you are not convinced that the hypnotherapist will tailor the hypnosis session to your needs, I recommend you move on. 10. Why should I feel inspired to choose you as my Hypnotherapist? As the question is answered, if you are feeling motivated by what you hear, then book in with them. The market for hypnotherapists in Los Angeles is saturated. Take your time, select well and you are likely to delight in the result!

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