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Peak Performance: The Benefits Of Sports Hypnosis

The key to athletic success is how you program the most important muscle in your body – the mind. "Peak Performance Mental Training" is a program designed to teach you how to program your mind to get the results you want. It is a method for influencing your sports performance whether you are in competition on game day or in practice. It does not matter if you are young or old, male or female, amateur or professional. The tools you will learn have been developed and tested with hundreds of performers throughout the world.

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"Peak Performance Mental Training" creates a safe, effective approach for faster results. My goal is to not to teach you how to play the game, but to show you the power of your mind. Your skills and talents may get you on the team and in the game, but it will be your mind that will win the competition. It is up to you to develop a mental attitude for success.

Practice makes Excellence… not Perfection. Make it a point to use your new skills effectively and you may find that you will begin achieving your goals beyond your greatest expectations. As a sports hypnotherapist and mental coach, I have a unique tool to train the mind to be the best it can be in any area of life.


Sports performance is taken very seriously in our society by both weekend athletes and professional competitors alike. We will spare nothing in search of that winning edge. Athletic training around the world has reached highly sophisticated levels in regards to physical conditioning. New information on bio-mechanics, sports medicine, and endurance/strength training is constantly being applied to performers contributing to escalating levels of personal achievement.

The new frontiers of sports training does not, however, solely emphasize "physical conditioning". Rather, a significant degree in the future of enhanced performance lies in training the mind—that vast repository of potential and infinite possibilities. Mental conditioning is proving itself to be as important, if not more important, than rigorous physical training. By effectively programming the mind, you can develop a "second nature response", conditioning your ability to act and react spontaneously with maximum power and proficiency to any given situation in your athletic discipline.


How do elite athletes give such amazing performances when they are under pressure? The answer is they not only master the physical basics of the game, they also master the psychological skills that allow them to deliver their best at all times. When the mind and body are working in perfect harmony together, athletes call this being in "the zone".

Hypnosis is an amazing tool to trigger the zone. I call this "Peak Performance Mental Training", which enable athletes to create a high level of concentration and confidence that makes them perform with accuracy no matter what the internal or external factors are. The body is relaxed, the mind is focused, and everything is in balance.

By aligning your thoughts, feelings and expectations with your body’s potential for movement, you can create mental blueprints for new action/reaction patterns in your sports performance. For example, whereas an athlete may feel an uncomfortable, nervous anxiety before a game or match, by training the mind they can desensitize this discomfort and develop a commanding sense of confidence, drive and determination all game long.

With performance success and winning being such an important factor in athletics, you will see more and more professional teams and individuals looking toward sports trainers specializing in hypnosis and mental conditioning. It is time to tap into the unlimited power reserves within you and unleash your full potential as an athlete at any level. You do have the dynamic ability to improve any facet of your performance both on and off the field. It is simply a matter of—literally—"changing your mind."

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